Embossing Thermal Lamination Film

Fujian Taian Lamination Film Co.,Ltd. Now is the global leading Embossing Thermal lamination film factory in China .Found in 2012 years,and local in zhangzhou city ,Fujian Province .We have been engaged in in production of thermal lamination film .pre-coating film for nearly 10 years .
We have good reputation in this field,and all our products quality is grade A,So our products sell well in the Europe ,American,Africa .”Quality first,Credit first” is our purpose,yo satify every customer is our desire,if you are interested in our products ,we could provide free sample for your testing .We Manufacture many kinds of the thermal lamination products ,our main products is BOPP Thermal lamination film,PET thermal lamination film ,holographic thermal thermal lamination film ,embossing thermal lamination film ect ,which is widely used in different industry .

The Embossing Thermal Lamination Film is a very popular item, which are widely used in the printing and packing industries.Precoating film refers to the process of gluing and rewinding plastic film in advance, and then combining with paper printing. It is first coated by the precoating film processing plant according to the use of specifications, format, the glue liquid is coated on the film rewinding for the use of manufacturers to choose, and then with printed matter composite. Laminating film, that is, laminating film, is the plastic film coated with adhesive, and paper printed matter after heating, pressure to bond together, forming a paper-plastic product processing technology. The coated printed matter has a layer of thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, which makes the surface smoother and brighter, thus improving the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, making the graphic color more vivid and three-dimensional, and also playing the role of waterproof, anti-pollution, wear-resisting, folding resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

The Embossing Thermal Lamination Film used to laminate on all types of offset printing presswork and all types of unprinted paper packaging,Example: noted books ,photos ,albums,shipping bags ,show bags ,magazines ,and all types of paper media.

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  • Welcome to China to purchase thermal lamination film, our factory specializes in the production of thermal lamination film, one of the Chinese manufacturers, you can trust the manufacturers of thermal lamination film, the price of embossing thermal lamination film for photographs is beautiful, excellent quality. We look forward to working with you.

  • Taian is a professional manufacturer of transparent embossed pattern thermal lamination film, here you can understand the latest information of transparent embossed pattern thermal lamination film , to help you better understand and expand thethermal lamination film market.

  • Taian is one of China's largest manufacturers and suppliers of thermal lamination film, we offering wholesale production and sales. We provide professional service and competitive prices. If you are interested in this glitter pearly shimmer pvc thermal lamination film, please feel free to contact us.

  • Fujian Taian Lamination Film a professional manufacturer and supplier of frosted semi-transparent PVC embossing thermal lamination film in China, you can purchase large quantities of BOPP lamination film, PET lamination film, CPP lamination film, PVC lamination film, and more from China.

  • As a reputable factory, manufacturer, and supplier, we specialize in the production of high-quality Waterproof Plastic Clear Lamination Pvc Decorative Film.TAIAN offers a wide range of Waterproof Plastic Clear Lamination PVC Decorative Film options, including various thicknesses, finishes, and sizes to meet diverse customer requirements.

  • As a leading factory, manufacturer, and supplier, TAIAN specialize in providing high-quality White PVC laminate film. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced technology and skilled professionals who ensure precise production and consistent quality. The embossed textures and thermal lamination capabilities of our White PVC laminate film make it special. By creating a visually appealing and tactile surface that adds depth and dimension to laminated documents, this film improves the appearance and preservation of printed materials.

China Embossing Thermal Lamination Film is one kind of products from Taian factory. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide customized, high quality and advanced products.Welcome to buy newest Embossing Thermal Lamination Film from Taian.We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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