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  • Pack Peru Expo biennial, 2024 Pack Peru Expo and Plast Peru Expo, the two exhibitions together, and strive to create a well-known exhibition in Peru. After years of development, the exhibition area continues to increase to reach 18,000 square meters, the exhibition is hosted by Peru's local famous exhibition company Grupo G-Trade S.A.C.


  • Metalized film is a kind of composite flexible packaging material formed by using a special process to coat the surface of plastic film with an extremely thin layer of metal aluminum.


  • BOPA nylon film, also known as biaxially oriented nylon film, represents a high-end packaging material. It offers outstanding properties such as excellent puncture resistance, tensile strength, tensile strength, and stable resistance to heat, cold, oil, and organic solvents.


  • This material usually has characteristics such as high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. In the manufacturing process of nylon composite films, other materials such as polyethylene and titanium dioxide are usually added to enhance their performance or meet specific application requirements.


  • In short, thermal composite films are a very useful material with a wide range of effects and effects. We can generate heat, insulate, dry, sterilize, optical, energy-saving, and so on through thermal composite films. With the continuous development of technology, the application of thermal composite films will also become increasingly widespread, bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives.


  • PET precoating is polyester film and Eva hot melt adhesive forming laminated structure composite film, has excellent composite performance, can cover without...


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