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What are the advantages of metalization heat laminated film?


Metalized film is a kind of composite flexible packaging material formed by using a special process to coat the surface of plastic film with an extremely thin layer of metal aluminum. Taian mainly uses the original metalized film to become metalized thermal lamination film by extrusion composite process coated with EVA glue, so that customers can directly laminate the required products through the composite way of heating and pressurizing. Subsequent printing, hot stamping, embossing and other post-printing processes can also be carried out.

Advantages of metalized thermal lamination film:

(1) light texture, can reduce the cost of long-distance transportation

(2) Strong chemical stability, not easy to deformation and deterioration, with anti-wear, anti-moisture and waterproof characteristics.

(3) Food grade material, no odor, safety and environmental protection.

(4) Simple to use, high flatness, not easy to produce bubbles and warped edges.

(5) Rich and diverse colors, with strong decorative.

(6) Widely used, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, gift boxes and other packaging industries, can also be used in the advertising industry, labeling industry, etc.

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