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2024 Pack Peru Expo - Plast Peru Expo


Taian booth number: U255

Exhibition time: August 21-24, 2024

Opening time :09:00-18:00

Venue: Jockey Plaze Exhibition Center, Lima

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Pack Peru Expo biennial, 2024  Pack Peru Expo and Plast Peru Expo, the two exhibitions together, and strive to create a well-known exhibition in Peru. After years of development, the exhibition area continues to increase to reach 18,000 square meters, the exhibition is hosted by Peru's local famous exhibition company Grupo G-Trade S.A.C. The organizer has been established for 21 years, has rich experience in organizing exhibitions, and has won local and even global trust. At the same time, the exhibition was co-organized by the Plastics branch of the National Industrial Association and the International Department of Peru. The exhibition will exhibit advanced technology and equipment of the packaging industry, where exhibitors can see the market prospects and trends, and discover new products and equipment.

Pack Peru Expo after years of development, at present, this exhibition has been regarded as one of the important exhibitions of South Africa and Latin America packaging industry by domestic and foreign visitors. The four-day event attracted a total of 30,000 visitors from both international and domestic audiences.

Taian understands and finds the business opportunities of Pack Peru Expo, and will participate in thePack Peru Expo on August 21-24, 2024, when the main thermal lamination film of Taian will be displayed. The thermal lamination film of Taian is diversified, and the major categories include 7 categories, such as BOPP thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film, metalized thermal lamination film, holographic thermal lamination film, etc., which are used in all walks of life. Among them, the largest use is the packaging industry. Therefore, our company hopes to understand the development of packaging in Pack Peru Expo, find more potential customers, reach more cooperation, welcome the majority of visitors to the booth number U255 to visit and understand the thermal lamination film.

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