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Embossing thermal lamination film introduction:


PVC embossing film is made by calendering process, calendering is the process of heating polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) through the gap of one or more pairs of horizontal rollers rotating opposite each other, so that the PVC material can withstand extrusion and extension, and become a thin product with a certain thickness, width and smooth surface. Embossing thermal lamination film is widely used in agriculture, industry, construction industry and daily necessities industry. At present, our main embossing thermal lamination film is mainly used in photos, albums, file bags, raincoats, magazines, toys and so on. According to the customer's demand for embossing thermal lamination film, our company can customize the production of embossing thermal lamination film.

Advantages of embossing thermal lamination film:

(1) Depending on the thickness, the transparency can be adjusted, and the conventional thickness is high in transparency.

(2) Different patterns can be customized, and the pattern selection is diverse, with anti-counterfeiting effect.

(3) High viscosity, not easy to bubble and glue, long service life.

(4) It has good scratch-proof, waterproof and beautiful appearance.

(5) Simple operation, only need to heat pressure can be used, easy to cut, the incision is not stick, good winding.

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