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Glitter thermal lamination film introduction


Glitter thermal lamination film is one of our main products, CPP/PP/PVC material, its surface is as shiny as golden onion powder, and because of the special process of pressing to form a frosted texture, its frosted flash point is not easy to fall off, environmental pollution is small, can be used for longer time. According to different materials can produce a variety of colors, such as transparent glitter thermal lamination film, metalized glitter thermal lamination film, red glitter thermal lamination film. 

Glitter thermal lamination film is often used in a variety of gift boxes, such as wine boxes, makeup boxes, cigarette boxes, etc., rich color, greatly increase the beauty of the gift box, increase the competitiveness of the product market; Also suitable for handbags, packaging bags, stationery supplies, advertising and so on. Glitter thermal lamination film can be customized according to customer requirements, thickness, length and width, the thermal lamination film needs to be heated and pressurized, simple to use, our company will maximize the use of glitter thermal lamination film with customers.

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